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If you have always wanted a web site with your own web address but were afraid of the costs, the time and the inconvenience of keeping it current, a free blog will get you started.

Linked to your own LOW COST WEB ADDRESS, your free blog looks very much like many professionally designed web sites. is an example of such a FREE site.

Publicize your Business, Enhance Your Career, Communicate with Family & Friends, Share A Special Interest at NO COST!

You don’t need expensive software, monthly service charges or a lot of time or training.  Bring up your first website just like this in about an hour.  We’ll explain how to add your own LOW COST WEB ADDRESS in a separate listing.

Why not give it a try? Make a mistake?  Delete it and start over at no cost…

Go to – Explore the site. 

Find the heading: Express yourself. Start a  Blog. Sign Up Now

Follow the instructions to start a new FREE blog.

Be sure to confirm the new site by answering the email sent to the email address you input during the sign up.  Don’t worry, you can delete it at any time and they do NOT send you spam!

Begin playing with the blog, see how postings and pages work.  Add some photos to your posting.

Note that Postings appear chronologically by date down the home page unless you change the order.  Pages usually appear on a special section on the right hand side of the blog.

Play around and start adding content to a Posting – your contact information, links to special information you place on Pages, whatever you want to share with the world.

Go to Appearance and test out some different Themes – see how different Themes change the look and feel of your blog.

Custom Banner Headers – the graphics on top of the site (in our case the Marketing Machismo name and tag line on top of the green money) set the tone, look and feel of the site.

You will want to develop your own custom header with your name, photograph and an attractive background to advertise your business or profession.

When you are in the Appearance > Themes section, search on the words: custom header – this will give you all the themes that allow you to upload your own special custom header.  Note that different themes require different sized custom headers. uses the MistyLook theme.

When you have decided on a theme you like, use a graphics program like Microsoft Paint or Adobe PhotoShop to create your own custom header in the size that theme requires.

Your custom header may be a photograph cropped to the right size with your name and contact information in an attractive typeface.  You can change your custom banner as often as you wish.

Be sure to put key information in writing on the pages so search engines like Google can find you! Search engines cannot “read” graphics or photographs, they need typed text on a page.

If you are familiar with graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw or Microsoft Paint, you will can develop and change your custom header quickly and easily.

You will want to play around with how the text looks on the page to grab your viewer’s interest and give them the information they need quickly and easily.

You now have you own FREE web site to expand and enjoy as you wish!!!

Michele Moore


About Marketing Machismo

Marketing Machismo - Million Dollar Marketing for Shoe String Budgets
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