Eye Catching Umbrella Signs

Build your business or professional brand awareness with inexpensive, light weight, eye catching signs.

Let people know who you are, what you do and how to reach you.

Publicize your web site,  Twitter account, email address, telephone number and sales message.

These eye catching umbrella signs are fast, flexible, durable, inexpensive, light weight, durable, easy to produce, change and customize to your activities and appearances.

Warning – Be sure to test your signs on a windy day before you use them to make the signs stay secure!

Here’s how…

Find inexpensive, light weight beach umbrellas that match your professional or business brand colors.  Big box retailers sell them in early summer so look for them then or check yard sales.

Open up the umbrella and measure the distance between the spokes along the bottom hem – This gives you the length of the sign you need to create.

If the distance works out to be too long or too short for your signs, you can make adjustments with rubber bands, pieces of elastic, cutting down the sign length or by changing the ways you clip the signs to the umbrella.

Most umbrellas in the U.S. will use signs printed on 11 inch by 17 inch tabloid paper which is an inexpensive, standard large size.  You can construct signs in any dimensions but sticking to standard sizes cuts costs.

Use a drawing program like Adobe’s Photoshop, Microsoft Paint or Corel Draw to lay out your signs. You  can often put several signs on a single 11 by 17 page.

Print your signs on a color printer and cut them to size so you have plenty of room on the edges for the clips to grip them. Laminate the signs using standard tabloid size 11 inch by 17 inch laminating sheets.

In the United States, Staples and Federal Express Office locations can print, cut and laminate your signs inexpensively.  Some locations are self service, others do it for you if you describe exactly what you want.

Lamination makes your signs water proof and durable.  You can cut larger signs down, but be sure the laminated edges stay sealed to protect the sign.

If you are in a rush, use plastic clothes pins to clip your signs to the umbrella.

Here is a new source of much larger, stronger clips that grasp much tighter and work better in outdoor conditions:

Super Clever Clips – swivel clips with a super strong grip.  No 1565 From:  Better Houseware Corp. Long Island City, New York 11101

I like a more polished, professional look so I’ll show how to use two sizes of inexpensive plastic clips to secure your signs to the umbrella.  Try to buy these clips locally because the shipping cost often exceeds the price of the clips.

Sources for these clips are shown below.  You can slide the clips directly over the umbrellas spokes or if you need more length, loop a couple of rubber bands or a piece of elastic around the spokes and through the clips to extend the reach.

Warning!  On a breezy afternoon in Union Square the clips shown below did not grip or hold the slick laminated signs well – the signs flew off in a heavy gust of wind.  Grommets or double sided sticky tape on the signs may help or share your ideas in the comments sections below.

Be sure to test your signs beforehand in a strong breeze to be sure they stay secure! Little pieces of double sided foam sticky tape strengthen the grip.

Once you know how to make them, these eye catching umbrella signs can add timely, topical pizazz to your appearances and  activities.

Very best wishes,

Michele Moore

Sources for clips to secure signs to umbrellas:

Display Galore – Third Floor
42 West 28th Street (between 6th Avenue & Broadway)
New York, NY  10001

All In One Suppliers, Inc.
223 West 35th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues)
New York, NY  10001

Store Supply Warehouse StoreSupply.com



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