Low Cost Web Address Domain Names

Having your own dot com web address / domain name is inexpensive, very powerful and convenient.  You can use it as your website and email address on all of you marketing materials.

  • You can forward your domain name to any web site.  You can start with a free WordPress.com blog and then move to a conventional web site  by redirecting your domain name to the new site.
  • You can create many professional email addresses and they can be forwarded to other email accounts – even Yahoo if that’s what you normally use.  Every time someone types in and sends you an email they will be reminded of you and your company name.
  • You can forward or copy your email to your email address at your current employer (this may not always be a wise idea.)  If you change jobs often, you change the forwarding and your email follows you!
  • Isn’t it much more impressive to see an email address like  johndoe@yourcompanyname.com rather than johnd1971@yahoo.com?

BEWARE of TRICKS – Some dishonest web registrars actually register web domain names in their own name – not yours.  That means even though you have paid for it, they own your domain name.

Look for the best package of features, support, forwarding flexibilities and capabilities.  That may not always be the least expensive yearly cost, but the difference is usually only a few dollars a year.

Beware of low cost or free domain names that come with a monthly cost for a web site or other products.

If you are in the U.S., we have found that DomainDiscover.com offers the best combination of price and features for both domain name registration and email forwarding and they have good telephone technical support.

Before you begin, check to see if the domain name you want is already registered. Type it into your browser and see what happens.  Or check the InterNIC-WhoIs –  http://www.internic.net/whois.html listing.

Keep searching until you find an easy, memorable combination that is available.  You can often hyphenate words to get what you want – we did this for the Happiness-Campaign.com, Creating-Happiness.com and Healthy-Happiness.com sites.

To register your domain name you will need a credit card.

Go to DomainDiscover.com and open an account.  Please enter:  happinesshabit  where it says referred by, someday we may get credit for your business.

Domain Discover changes their page looks frequently so we will give general instructions here:

To Forward Your Domain, look for the Advanced Settings – Web Service heading and choose the Frame Forward or the Redirect my Domain Name to an existing URL option.

Follow the instructions and input the name of your WordPress blog which is usually yourblogname.wordpress.com

Be sure to enter the descriptions and key word fields – these help search engines like Google find your site.

To Forward or Create Email Accounts look for the Advanced Settings – Email Service and look for Add New Email Service – Select Email Forward and hit Add.  A new window will appear, put int the new email account information.

Note that you can set up email addresses say johndoe@yourcompanyname.com and forward mail to any existing accounts you are currently using like yahoo.com or gmail.com

It all may seem a bit boggling when you first begin, but the instructions are clear and straight forward.

You’ll be able to forward your domain name to your new blog and create email addresses and forward them, (even to multiple accounts) fairly quickly.  You can even give you mother or friends email addresses at yourcompanyname.com to help advertise your activities.

All for about a dollar a month!!!

Good luck and have fun!

Michele Moore and the
Happiness Habit Team


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